Vulnerability Scanning

Another important feature of an overall network security strategy is the inclusion of vulnerability testing and penetration testing.  Vulnerability scanning is a piece of sophisticated network security software that does an external or internal scan on your network to proactively detect potential vulnerabilities and report them.  This scan is typically administered by an impartial third-party security organization.  Knowledge of potential gaps in security allows your team to put fixes in place to ensure data security.

Penetration testing is one of the most advanced methods of network protection and is typically done after all other basic security features are in place.  Pen testing consists of having a highly trained security expert try to break into your network.   Sometimes this is called red team testing or ethical hacking.  The idea is pretty simple.  They do everything they can to break into your network, and then they report back where they were successful.  This can be a highly effective way to know where you are vulnerable and allows you to put necessary protections in place.

All advanced network security measures need a qualified security expert to help administer them.  Helpdesk Bulgaria has you covered with the right technicians and skillset to keep your data safe and give you the peace of mind you need.