The estimated cost to small businesses of ransomware attacks (Ransomware) is about $ 75 billion a year including the downtime. If these companies were consulted with security experts, the damage would not have been so dramatical.

The use of reliable antivirus software, computer network protection systems, Backup systems and antispam filtering can protect you from almost any threat. Of course, preventing and backing up is a much more reliable method of preventing ransom payments and spending sleepless nights recovering critical information.

After extensive testing and market research of antivirus products and security systems, we can offer you excellent solutions for your company. We consider the use of UTM devices in combination with an intelligent antivirus system to be an extremely reliable option.

Features of our solution:

  • Protection of workstations on Windows and Mac
  • DeepGuard module - protection against viruses and emerging threats
  • BlackLight module - protection against spyware and rootkits
  • Browsing Protection module - evaluation and blocking of dangerous websites
  • Software Updater module - patch management and network vulnerability analysis
  • Internet Shield module - firewall, protection against unauthorized access and application control
  • Neighborcast - updates from neighboring machines for less traffic
  • Automatic update of viral definitions