Security Software

In 2016 it is estimated that Ransomware cost small businesses upwards of 75 BILLION dollars in downtime.

There are constant cyber security threats in the world today that can cause serious damage to your business.  Ransomware and zero-day threats can cost your business serious money and downtime.  You need security experts on your side that have the expertise how to use the latest next-generation firewalls, proactive security measures, and advanced Antivirus Software.

Having a quality solution in place for antivirus is a good basic step in any network security plan.  Helpdesk Bulgaria provides state of the art antivirus software to all of its clients to help protect their networks.  We also proactively manage this solution to make sure it’s in place and kept up to date. Our anti-virus uses advanced analysis to detect evolving threats. Instead of checking malicious code against a predefined list of known threats the solution looks for malicious behavior.  When it encounters an unknown process it immediately starts to journal all the changes that it makes to the system.  It then compares its behavior against multiple ever-evolving cloud databases of security threats.  If it determines the process is, in fact, malicious, it can roll back all changes made.  Better anti-virus means less downtime.