A server migration is a highly responsible endeavor which must go through with a minimal system downtime. Ideally, there should be no interruption.

The situation becomes complicated when switching between different platforms and operating systems. Extensive knowledge, proper planning, test environment are required. Most organizations do not have the necessary expertise and additional system resources for testing.

We have excellently trained specialists with extensive knowledge in the administration of Windows and Linux platforms and extensive experience in data migration, access levels, system services and more.

How do we proceed in case of migration:

  • We explore the demands and processes in the organization
  • We monitor the load and behavior of the current server/s,
  • We select a new server/s or VPS suitable for the required load and future needs for over two / three years
  • We prepare a test environment in which we reproduce the planned migration process to make sure that no unforeseen situations arise
  • We set a date and time for the migration
  • With a well-planned and performed migration, the systems are expected to work correctly and smoothly after the migration procedures are completed.
  • Our experience shows that it is possible for minority post-migration defects and omissions to occur, so we are prepared to respond and react immediately after their occurrence.
  • After several weeks of trouble-free operation, we consider the migration to be successful