Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t assume your servers will never go down or a natural disaster could never possibly impact your business. Having a plan for backing up and recovering critical information is good practice.

Storing data only on a local device can be crucial for your business.

We offer flexible Backup plans and solutions.


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Server & Network Solutions

We offer 24/7 surveillance for potential problems and we have an automated early warning system. This helps preventing technical failures and allow us to respond in a timely manner before it affects your business.

We monitor and configure all kinds of switches, routers, Wi-Fi equipment, in order to guarantee the intact functionality of your network

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Server Migrations/ Data Migrations

We can help you with your next server migration project.

Our team of experienced computer engineers can assist at any stage of your endeavor.

We offer a full-scale of services from design and implementation to monitoring and maintenance, so we make sure that you get the best out of your equipment.

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Design, Implementation & Expansion of IT Infrastructure

We are experts with many years of experience in this field. We can share our knowledge, in order to help building a secure and reliable IT infrastructure that gives additional value to your business.

We know very well what might be the answer of your necessities. We can look from a different prospective at your business and evaluate your needs.

Together we can create a long-term strategy, so your infrastructure can be easily manageable and scalable.

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VPN Services

Our Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer secure and reliable transfer of your information.

By using VPN solutions, you will reduce your spending on telecommunication services and you will increase the flexibility of your corporate network.

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VPS Services

We offer shared hardware equipment in a datacenter with high level of redundancy. 

The web-based access panel with guaranteed symmetrical connectivity, allows you to take advantage of the Virtual Private Server without worries at any time and anywhere.

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Cloud Solutions

We offer customized business cloud services for small and med-size companies.

Our Storage and Cloud solutions can be tailored, in order to better suit your needs.

We are proud partners of Microsoft SPLA and CSP programs through which we can offer you Winodows Server, Azure, Office 356 and more.

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IT Assessments & Consulting

Many companies are experiencing serious difficulties in documenting, maintaining and operating computer systems. Deviation from the well-established practices in the industry may lead to decline in the productivity.

We can evaluate the status of your current IT infrastructure.

Our expertise helps us promptly identifying discrepancies and at the same time coming up with effective mechanisms, so we can improve the performance of the available equipment.

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Telecommunication Services

We know how important it is for every business to have quality telecommunication services.

Realizing that need, we have established excellent partnerships with the best alternative providers who can offer customized plans for Internet, MAN and VOIP. They are fully tailored to your needs and requirements.

Mass telecommunication companies are often unable to meet a high standard of service and agility.

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